Stazione Utopia

Marigliano (NA)

An old Circumvesuviana station in Marigliano (NA) has become an abandoned building in the middle of the city. Collettivo Utopia asked several times for a commitment until they decided to occupy external spaces: cleaning up and proposing local street artists to paint external walls, including me. Because of an ideological war the original artwork was completely changed: crossed over with political symbols,

then “restored” with supplements by some of the guys from Collettivo. Finally completely re-painted (by me) with the addition of an element wich recalls this building’s origins: a “ghost” Circumvesuviana, being a mirage in the last years as the train company’s almost broke. Nowadays the (new) artwork has been re-crossed over by another political sign. Stay tuned for some other news…

First version of the artwork. Spray and bucket paint on wall, 2014.


Second version. Spray and bucket paint on wall, 2014.

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