About me

About me

Born in 1984. Great passion for drawing since ever, showing great skills in composition very early;

about 2000 gets involved into graffiti art world, getting in contact with an ever changing artist and creative community. At the same time he shows strong attraction for classical arts, computer graphics, 3d modeling and rendering;

chooses Architecture as a career, being, in some ways, the sum of his true passions (actually Walter is architect). At the same he begins to take part to several graffiti conventions and art collectives, working with all kind of techniques and mediums, from spraypaint to oils, from acrylics to watercolors, photography and digital prints. He’s been living in Spain (Granada, 2008) and France (Lyon, 2014-15); nowadays Walter is based in Napoli, focusing both on portraits and a work based on photography joined to architectural composition, still getting inspired by his practice in graffiti and street art.

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