My red hot truck.


While I was working at INTRUDERS, as I said, I felt the need to break down the elements of a saturated composition from the message that I wanted to subsum  in my painting. As often happens, evolution begins with  reduction, trying to keep one of the peculiarities of architectural photography: redundancy.

Intruder study #2, 50 cm x 60 cm, olio su tela, 2015

The following artworks were already in process of conception, but were missing an essential key, a dynamic correlation, finally found in the sublime installation of Erwin Wurm at MAC Lyon (FR).

The truck is a graceful, ironic, practical subject

and  it gave me the figurative image I needed to subvert the established order, creating a dynamic connection between horizontal and vertical architecture.

You will soon see the results of this research.

Intruder study #1, 60 cm x 50 cm, oil on linen, 2015

Coincidenza, 70 cm x 70 cm, mixed media on canvas, 2015

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